Simple tips to photographers and videographers to grow business?

However good your business may be, it is always important to aspire for more growth. Growing your business is not one-time activity. It is a continuous effort and requirement lot of discipline and personality changes. We at OTO World are happy to share few simple tips to achieve growth.

Tip 1: Network: If you are not networking, you are not working.

People, people and more people. Business is all about how many people remember you when they have a requirement. Question yourself – How good is your network?
Your network is as good as you are to other people. Have genuine interest to help people. Appreciate, encourage, motivate other people to success. Most often, people help back.

Tip 2: Engage in social media marketing

We all have created beautiful images and videos. Do not just keep them in your hard disks. Post it on social media handles, website etc. While this seems so simple, most people are so caught up with regular work, most likely they miss out on this.

A post a day will do wonders you won’t believe.

Tip 3: Personal packaging

You may package your service offering very well but it is equally important to package your personality. Dressing well, listening and talking politely make a difference to closing and losing the deal. Many clients prefer to work with people who are well dressed and presentable.

Tip 4: Develop marketing material

Whether it is a website, flyer, brochure, album or a video showcasing your service offerings, everything adds to your business growth. You have to continuously engage your customers. This gives an edge over other people who do not have proper content.

Tip 5: Be a consultant

Don’t be desperate to sell. Best sales people are usually the consultants to clients. Clients will usually know some part of requirement. It is for us to understand the requirement, recommend better options and why they should go for it.

Tip 6: Collaborate with other businesses

If you are a wedding photographer, think of opportunities to tie up with convention halls, hotels etc. You can become their empaneled photographer or videographer and you will have a recurring business. If you are a product photographer, you can tie up apparel stores and other retail stores which need to generate photographs on a continuous basis.

Tip 7: Written contract

While this does not fall under growth exactly, losing a client is more costly than acquiring a new client. Setting an incorrect expectation can damage the relation.  It is always better to write (even if it is not exactly a contract) what client wants, what you will deliver, how much you will charge, when you will deliver etc. This will set the expectation right. Also, this comes across as more professional.

Tip 8: Deliver more than what is promised

Set your expectations right. Deliver right. Deliver more.

You need not go way out and deliver more at cost. Simple and cost-effective options work out very well.

Tip 9: Look for continuous revenue opportunities

Some forms of photography are more seasonal. It is always safe to have atleast a minimum guaranteed income through tie ups and contracts. Selling stock photos and videos, conducting workshops to teach photography, videography, editing etc. If you are good with writing, you can write content for magazines. You can also check if you can provide content to OTT players like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hot Star etc. Explore options!

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Tip 10: Referrals

Referrals are the most sustainable and profitable ways to get business. Incentive the person referring your business to other clients. They are more like an unofficial sales person for your business. If you can nurture more referrals, your business is sure to fly.

Tip 11: Sharing economy

Think about the spare DSLR, lenses and lighting you have. You would have invested money to buy and it is lying idle. With rental platforms like OTO World (www.otoworld.in), now you can rent your DSLRs and other camera gear in Bengaluru. You may end up buying a new gear with the money you make. Give it a thought!

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