OTT players in India and how they differentiate themselves – An opportunity for budding filmmakers

The competition amongst the existing and upcoming OTT players is on the surge. There are more than 3 dozen major players along with a number of minor players amongst the crowded OTT space now contending for your attention.

COVID-19 has transformed the existing dynamics. With movie theatres going out of fashion and with folks practising social distancing, the rise of OTT players has become inevitable. There are myriad factors that aid this growth.  The fact that the data costs have plummeted to $0.26 in India when compared to $6.66 in UK & $12.37 in the US, has helped the cause.

India is no longer the nation that consumes text-heavy content. According to the Economic Survey 2019, the average consumption per user has risen 157 times between 2014 and 2019. The rapid upsurge in the data consumption by an average Indian aided by the spread of 4G in Indian hinterlands has made the advent of OTT players inevitable. In a way, you could say, OTT players have brought democratization of content to the masses. Budding filmmakers no longer have to rely on movie theatres and fight with the megastars for the limited screens available in the theatres & multiplexes.

Amongst the current crop of OTT players, whilst global giants such as Amazon, Netflix, and Disney+ have the broadcasting rights for a number of titles, the local players such as Voot, Ogle, Ditto TV, ALT Balaji, and others are forced to create content from the scratch. Here is where budding filmmakers come into play.

Good content always wins and millennials have proven this time and again with quality content edging bad content in the streaming wars. There is a multitude of reasons why millennials and Gen Z prefer OTT platforms. The main one being the choice to choose the content they watch, the alternative being an outdated Linear TV with fixed timings for specific shows. For budding film producers with talent, but not a boatload of money, OTT can be a perfect choice to debut considering the fact that organic reach in OTT is also fairly significant.

The several key advantages that OTT platforms offer to budding filmmakers are as follows:

  • It provides an excellent platform to expand their reach without fretting about logistics, connections, and distribution costs. It is a win-win for both parties since the platform also benefits from more content. It provides a level playing field with reputed filmmakers. As a debutant or as a budding filmmaker, you just cannot compete with the connections and the network that a big filmmaker has. OTT platforms provide an equal platform to express your thoughts and acts as a perfect alternative to the big screen.
  • OTT players cover segments ranging from the urban rich (Netflix, Arre, Disney+), to the rural middle class (ALT Balaji, Voot, MX Player), which help these filmmakers cover a wide range of audience at a fractional cost.
  • Film Makers can engage in constructive feedback with their consumers and have an innate understanding of the audience that they are trying to reach out to via analytics that these OTT platforms provide.

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