Kickstart Your Content Creation Dream As Demand from Video Streaming Services Grows

Be it flicking on Amazon Prime on mobile for the final leg of the race, between a Lamborghini and a Sukhoi Jet while waiting for the metro, or getting some relationship advice from Netflix’s latest short-film series ‘State of the Union’s’. Short-form videos are filling a wide market gap across the world and in India.

OTT (Over-the-top) or video streaming services like Amazon Prime are intensifying efforts to feature content from independent producers or creators, like you, for instance. Through its Prime Video Direct Program, creators can submit interesting content that goes through a reviewal process. If it ticks all the boxes according to Amazon’s video content checklist, your content would be available to a global audience, and you could grow your reach.

The bar for becoming a video content creator is being lowered every year, as hardware becomes faster, cheaper and more versatile. Also, the avenues to place content are expanding rapidly. Beyond these elements, services like camera rentals in Bangalore allow you not to be locked into one piece of equipment that you purchase, rather give you the freedom to choose a mix that fits your next project. Services today offer home delivery when you rent a DSLR camera in Bangalore.

As someone stepping out to explore the world of film, short-form content is the best way to create initial momentum, as is the format adopted by YouTube stars or mobile-focused content that targets the limited time spans available by users on mobile. We review a few steps vital to nail your content creation strategy for video streaming services.

  1. Find Your Content Niche & Define Content Strategy

Rarity or uniqueness of content is one of the single biggest factors for your audience to view your content, proved by Digital TV Europe’s 2018 survey, with 63% of respondents confirm their interest to sign up for the service where the content resides. Whether YouTube is your main channel of action, or more qualitatively, through one of the OTT platforms, creating standout content or taking very interesting spins on existing content is the way to quickly gain interest and grow. “Qualitatively” is carefully used here, given YouTube is an open platform for anyone to share content, therefore lowering quality limits. Create a content strategy to support your niche, and consider factors like sourcing equipment through the best lens rental websites in town if you’re looking to rent DSLR cameras in Bangalore for quality output.

  1. Gauging Your Audience & Engaging Continuously

According to a story by the Financial Times, India’s online video market is worth more than $700 million, and has become a hotly contested space with a number of OTT providers. One hand, you have found your space to play (as listed earlier). But now, you must find an audience that is most likely to digest the content on a long-term basis; think social posting topics, membership in domain-focused groups, etc. Create audience personas and get a grip on how previous creators in your space have engaged them.

Understand best practices, dos and don’ts, and the content that naturally appeals to your audience. It might be unimaginable to analyse them well, but hire experts and offset the expense by engaging camera rentals in Bangalore or the metro you live in for the camera of your choice. Here are some of the best lens rental websites you can find in Bengaluru.

  1. Choose Service(s) Visited By Your Audience 

Did you know that viewers in India usually subscribe to more than one streaming service, as opposed to viewers in the US who majorly choose just one service? It shows the highly competitive market, and how relatively similar content is being distributed through a host of operators. You can conclude today that your chances of reaching a relatively vast audience base are now high, touching those who would want to consume your content.

We suggest setting the bar of quality output high, by engaging a select professional for every key project or using best camera rentals in Bangalore or across India. However, this effort must not happen at the cost of compromising on your script and screenplay. Build a strong net of domain specialists who can propel you forwards. Today, some of the best places to rent camera equipment have strong forums to chat and find mutually interesting areas to collaborate.

  1. Have A Supporting Team & The Right Equipment

Making it onto a video-on-demand (VoD) or OTT service is a serious business, unlike running a YouTube channel that runs by your rules. And given the short format for your foray into the filmmaking world, it makes it increasingly vital to make all the right moves. Since the platforms have opened up to independent contributors and you have the strategy and target audience figured out, plans can go off-track when the execution phase is not configured well. This could range from having an unrealistic schedule for shooting, poor editing & video production capabilities, or selecting the wrong mix of cast & scriptwriters.

With Netflix noticing 25% of consumption occurring via mobile, a number that is rising, factors like these shape decisions like renting a DSLR camera in Bangalore or maybe Mumbai (depending on the nature of shooting), to choosing the best lens rental website to lay your hands on that high-end lens for that next, special gig. 

  1. Have A Marketing Plan & Go Big On Spreading the Word

If you thought that your job is all about convincing the streaming partner to publish your content on their platform (through the wonderful filmmaking you’ve done), think again. Netflix said it planned to release approximately 700 new shows in 2018. While your content will naturally be exposed to new audiences, it can lead to an incremental increase in reach, compared to your marketing efforts. The latter can help spread the word, and you have the absolute freedom to explore creative ways to gain a lead over your competing creators in your space. Begin with consistent posting on social media, build a website or spread the word on forums where your audience frequents.

Understand emerging topics of discussion and where your industry of expertise is headed to be able to latch onto that oncoming wave and ride it. Disrupt yourself, manage your time and budget well. Sign long-term contracts with nearby studios or an amateur screenwriter and find the best places to rent camera equipment for varying project types. As the opportunity by OTT providers for content creation partnerships grows, see yourself as an entrepreneur that must occupy the most share of the market in the topic or category you wish to play in.

We can’t stop talking enough about Netflix. Apparently, it has about two million viewers in India, and the Indian market is its biggest focus in the world. With Amazon following suit, the future looks growingly brighter for creators like you looking to offer value to your community, regardless of the platform that is most attractive to them.

If you are in the south, OTO World is a great place to rent camera equipment in Bangalore. You can rent DSLR cameras, rent drones in Bangalore, a range of lighting, lenses, accessories and more to begin shooting quality content. Call or email us through this form and we will respond to you.




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