Why Use OTO World

OTO World is a community of Visual artists and film makers. We facilitate renting of high end gear from your peers, rental houses and production companies. We make it quick, easy and affordable to rent the gear of choice.

Use High-End Gear

High-End Gear is High Skill

While we do not endorse the above view, most often many people who hire the services from a photographer/videographer will not be able to judge your skill. They end up judging you by the gear you own.Rent high end gear and make sure you remain competitive

Make More Money

Idle Gear Does Not Lay Eggs

We all own some gear and aspire to have more gear. The only barrier on the way to our passion is ‘Affordability’. Then why don’t we rent out the gear we own and make money.Isn’t it an easy way to fulfil your aspirations


Knowing more people is more business

Get an opportunity to meet your peers, interact and be establish a niche for yourself in the world of visual artists. As someone said, if you are not ‘Networking’, you are ‘Not Working’.